Non-Similar Solution of Unsteady Thermal Boundary Layer Equation


Md. Saidul Islam,Md. Hasanuzzaman,M. A. K. Sazad ,M. A. Hakim,



the Navier-Stockes equations ,viscous compressible and incompressible fluid ,thermal boundary layer,finite difference method,


To obtain this present study we studied basic equations. We studied the equation of continuity and derived the Navier-Stockes (N-S) equations of motion for viscous compressible and incompressible fluid flow. Boundary layer and thermal boundary layer equations are also derived. Then we studied similar solution of boundary layer and thermal boundary layer equations. We also performed unsteady solutions of thermal boundary layer equations. We used some non-dimensional variable to non-dimensionalised thermal boundary layer equations. The non-dimensional boundary layer equations are non-linear partial differential equations. To find out the non-similar solutions of unsteady thermal boundary layer equation we used finite difference method. The effect on the velocity and temperature profiles for various parameters entering into the problems are separately discussed and shown graphically.


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