Mechanical Prosthetic Arm Adaptive I-PD Control Model Using MIT Rule Towards Global Stability


Sudipta Paul,Swati Barui,Pritam Chakraborty,Dipak Ranjan Jana,Biswarup Neogi,Alexey Nazarov,



Mechanical Prosthetic Arm,Model Reference Adaptive Control(MRAC),Adaptive I-PD control,Gradient method MIT rule,Lyapunov rule,


Abstract The development of prosthetic arm in accordance with the stable control mechanism is the blooming field in the engineering study. The analysis of Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) for Prosthetic arm utilizing Gradient method MIT rule has been presented using controlling system parameters of the D.C motor. Adaptive tuning and performance analysis has been done for controlling hand prosthesis system using Adaptive I-PD controller constraints rationalized time to time in response with variations in D.C motor parameters to track the desired reference model and application of Gradient Method MIT-Rule. Further on, Lyapunov rule has been implemented towards closed loop asymptotic tracking to ensure global stability on nonconformity of plant parameters because adaptive controller design based on MIT rule doesn’t guarantee convergence or stability. Computer-aided control system design (CACSD) and analysis has been done using MATLAB-Simulink towards adaptive controller design and estimation of adaptation gain.  


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