D. S. Jenaris,K. Hari Ram,D. S. Manoj Abraham,R. Rethan Raj,G. Satish Pandian,N. Ramanan,



Compressive Strength,Split Tensile Strength,GGBS,Metakaoline,Regression Analysis,


This work primarily focuses on the polymer matrix composite comprising Nylon 6 and Basalt fibre pooled together for the purpose of wear reduction in spur gear material. The method employed here using the Nylon 6 and Basalt fibre is employed through the Injection Moulding method, the fibres are combined in the ratio of (80:20) & (70:30). This project aims to focus on the mechanical properties such as tensile, compression, and impact test as per ASTM standards. Later Finite Element models were then developed to simulate the impact, tensile, and wear characteristics behavior of the tested material,


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