G.V.Pameela,Kommabatla Mahender,Kavitha,



QR-code,Cloud-based servers,Cloud-based system,Ticketing system,


Bus travel is gaining importance during the last decade. Due to its rapidness, easiness in booking and sophisticated travel, ticket booking is slowly shifting from manual to cloud based due to increase in technology awareness. In this paper a ticketing system is designed by using image captured which will be used to predict and update available vacancy which can be further used for booking. This is a fully cloud based system linked to QR code-based wallet linked ticket booking mechanism which is connected to a secured payment gateway. Passenger availability inside the bus will be validated by using QR code which should be scanned near entrance; this validates the current availability and updates the system. The whole system is designed in a way such that it is fully automated and seat vacancy updates dynamically. The whole framework including software and tools will operate from cloud-based servers for increased stability and reliability.  


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