Free Convective Mass Transfer Flow Through A Porous Medium In A Rotating System


M. M. Haque,M. Samsuzzoha,M. H. Uddin ,A. A. Masud,



convective mass transfer,steady flow,shear stress ,Sherwood number ,


An analytical investigation on a free convective mass transfer steady flow along a semi-infinite vertical plate bounded by a porous medium with large suction is completed in a rotating system. A mathematical model related to the problem is developed from the basis of studying Fluid Dynamics(FD). Non-dimensional system of equations is obtained by the usual similarity transformation with the help of similar variables. The perturbation technique is used to solve the momentum wiith concentration equations. The chief physical interest of the problem as shear stress and Sherwood number are also calculated here. The numerical values of velocities, concentration, shear stress and Sherwood number are plotted in figures. In order to observe the effects of various parameters on the flow variables, the results are discussed in detailed with the help of graphs. Last of all, some important findings of the problem are concluded in this study.


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Author(s) : M. M. Haque, M. Samsuzzoha, M. H. Uddin and A. A. Masud View Download