Encryption a Message by using the Enhancement Nonlinear Key Generator and Calculate the Autocorrelation Property of Randomness test by using Matlab


Ahmed Amer Ridha Alsaadi,Ayad G. Naser Al-Shammari,




Cryptography,Stream cipher,LFSR,Key generators,Nonlinear Combining Function,Autocorrelation Property,


In this paper generated a key that is a nonlinear Bruer generator and enhancement this key generator in order to increment the randomness the key generated and increment the security to the system. And calculate the autocorrelation property for Bruer generator and enhancement Bruer generator. Now by using the enhancement key generated, will encryption a message and decryption the ciphertext to the original message. Also will be designing the interfaces system for the: password for the user, encryption messages and decryption messages, by using program MATLAB (R2017b).


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