E-Shape Patch Antenna For Mobile Phone, S-Band and C-Band Applications


Mehr-e-Munir,Khalid Mahmood,M.Waqas Khan,




Miniaturization,Fractal patch, Gain, Directivity,Microstrip patch,Slot cutting,


Patch miniaturization is an ongoing trend in modern communication technology nowadays. In this paper functional behavior of E slotted patch is presented. With additional ground irregularities multi resonating frequency response is attained at range of 1-8GHZ resulting at most gain of 3.43dB -4.71dB, directivity in 3.68dBi-5.66dBi range with good impedance bandwidth. With use of fractal patch technique FR4 is chosen as substrate bases. With help of implementing shortening pin technique reduction of antenna is accomplished to 60.60%. By changing location of shortening pin only different desired bands resonation can be achieved. This type of microstrip antenna has applications in mobile phone for, S-Band and C-Band applications


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