Driving Factors in the Selection of a Bank∷ Stakeholder’s Perspective


Hanumantha Rao Sama,Somasekhar Donthu,Vasanta Kumar. V,




Selecting of a Bank, factors,banking sector,Principle component analysis,


Now days, there is radical evolution in banking sector which results into the emergence of numerous banks that keep the customers in a dilemma in preferring a bank over the other. In the present research workfactors, which determine the customer’s choice of preference to a bank while opening an account is studied? As customers have their own sense of tastes, preferences towards products and services. This study analyzes what the customer is thinking that, which factor is most important to him/her while opening an account in a specific bank. The present study has surveyed more than 250 respondents. The results stresses on the various factors like Online banking, Mobile banking, Credit and debit card services, and Number of ATM booths available and many more other factors.


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