Closed form solutions to the coupled space-time fractional evolution equations in mathematical physics through analytical method


M. Nurul Islam,M. Ali Akbar,



Coupled mKdV equations, coupled WBK equation,nonlinear evolution equations,ractional differential equations,


In this article, we consider the space-time fractional coupled modified Korteweg-de-Vries (mKdV) equations and the space-time fractional coupled Whitham-Broer-Kaup (WBK) equations which are important mathematical model to depict the propagation of wave in shallow water under gravity, combined formal solitary wave, internal solitary waves in a density and current stratified shear flow with a free surface, ion acoustic waves in plasma, turbulent motion, quantum mechanics and also in financial mathematics. We examine new, useful and further general exact wave solutions to the above mentioned space-time fractional equations by means of the generalized -expansion method by using of fractional complex transformation and discuss the examined results with other method. This method is more general, powerful, convenient and direct and can be used to establish new solutions for other kind nonlinear fractional differential equations arising in mathematical physics. Keywords: Coupled mKdV equations; coupled WBK equation; nonlinear evolution equations; fractional differential equations.


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