S. Venkateswarlu,D. Dastagiri Babu,E. Keshava Reddy,



MHD,Casson fluid,Dufour effect,Free convection,Chemical reaction,


We examine the unsteady MHD free convective flow of a chemically reacting incompressible fluid over a vertical permeable plate under the influence of thermal radiation, Dufour and heat source/sink. The dimensionless governing equations are solved analytically using the three term perturbation method. Expressions for velocity, temperature and concentration for the flow are obtained and presented graphically. The analysis shows that Casson fluid parameter  increases the velocity; Dufour number increases the velocity and velocity; magnetic field force decreases the velocity; Chemical reaction rate increases the temperature but decreases the velocity and concentration; Grashof numbers increase the velocity when their values are increasingly varied. Furthermore, skin fiction coefficient, Nusselt number and Sherwood number for different values of governing parameters are calculated and the results are summarized in tabular form.


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