B. Nageswara Rao,K. Pavan Kumar Reddy,M. Srinivasa Reddy,T. Sreedhar,



Phase Change Material – PCM,Latent Heat of Fusion – LHF, Sensible Heat - SH ,


In the present work investigations have been carried out by simulation to study and examine the roof of a building in corporating PCM for thermal comfort in residential building. Two models were used and the theoretical performance of both is compared by considering one as the reference case. A PCM integrated roof has the potential to maintain a fairly constant temperature within the room due to its huge heat absorbing and storing capacity in a passive manner. Whereas, the ceiling temperatures always fluctuate in a Non-PCM room (RCC room) throughout the day and every day. The results of ceiling temperatures, heat flux and heat transfer rate in the Non-PCM and PCM room were observed and better results are found for PCM Room.


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