All-Optical Logic Gates Based on Graphene Interferometric Waveguide


Hassan FalahFakhruldeen,TahreerSafa’a Mansour,Yousif I. Hammadi,



Graphene,Surface plasmonpolaritons (SPPs),,All-optical logic gate,Nanophotonic devices,Plasmonic logic gates,


Novel types of all-optical logic gates based on graphene surface plasmonpolaritons (SSPs) are proposed in this study by utilizing linear constructive and destructive interferences among SSP waves in spatially separated graphene sheets. The realized logic gates are OR, AND, and XOR gates. The suggested transmission value threshold between the two states logic 0 and logic 1 is 0.5. Small modification in the structure has been conducted to implement the XOR gate with the same wavelength for all the proposed gates. The structure performance is measured on the basis of transmission efficiency of each implemented gate. The state of each input port can be easily controlled by switching the external gate voltage either ON or OFF. The function of the proposed gates can be achieved by modifying the chemical potential ( c  ), coupling length ( c L ), orinter spacing among the graphene sheets (d). These compact-sized logic gates are considered an important part in the integration of nanoscale photonic devices.


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