Samomoy Das,Prithis Biswas,2, Supratim Nandi,Saif Idris ,Asoke Kumar Paul,




Lead acid battery,Li-Ion battery,V/f control of IM,Starting torque,Energy stored in battery,


This paper deals with the design and prototype development of an inverter to feed AC power to an induction motor coupled with a submersible pump. In this type of load, input power is proportional to the cube of the speed. The inverter is fed from a 48 V rechargeable battery, which is charged through the solar panel. Four numbers of the solar panel each of 165 W, 12 V rated are used for charging the battery. The basic intention of this research work is to start an induction motor with lower voltage and lower frequency, keeping v/f constant, such that the starting current is low. This concept can be utilized to run a submersible pump in a remote area where there is no electric power supply or where there is a problem in the distribution system. Submersible pumps are normally operated for a small interval (60 to 180 min). This energy can be supplied by a 48 V, 75 Amp-Hour Lead Acid type rechargeable battery. The experiment has been conducted with a Lead acid battery but the Lithium Ion battery gives better performance. The solar panel (cell) is used to charge the battery for around 8 hours from morning and with the fully charged battery, the pump is run through an inverter for a time of around 150 min. An inverter has been designed to run a 1 hp induction motor coupled with a submersible pump. The motor is started with low voltage with v/f control. Gradually the full voltage is applied and the motor runs at the rated speed. After an operation of a preset time, the motor is stopped. With VVVF drive the battery life has increased compared to a Direct online starter.


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