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The aim of this project is to develop an android application software package “EASY CHITS” for small scale chit organizers who could not afford chit fund software. This is an end-to-end application  which covers almost all the activities involved in managing a chit, everything in this application is systematically organized and arranged for both the chit organizers and users, unlike other applications each and every activity is arranged in three modules namely total balance, chit details, history , which makes it simple to use and navigate through the entire application for chit organizers, In addition to that all the necessary information is included for users at the user end.Chit Funds are indigenous monetary establishments in India that consolidates credit and investment funds in a solitary plan. In a chit support plot, a gathering of people meet up for a foreordained timespan and add to a typical pool at customary interims. The quantity of chit plans enlisted has been diminishing throughout the years. The chit support individuals show that as much as 72 percent of the individuals take an interest in chit assets for sparing. Moreover, 96 percent of the current and non-current chit finance individuals feel that chit reserves are sheltered. Larger part of the current and non-current chit support individuals have a place with low-salary family units. Our discoveries point to the way that however chit reserves are a significant wellspring of money for independent companies and low-pay family units in India; there has been a general mass migration of low worth chit plans from the enrolled chit support showcase. This is for the most part in light of the fact that enlisted chit subsidizes think that its less worthwhile to serve the poor because of the expanded expense of working such plans forced by the controllers. We find that the chit finance industry tends to the reserve funds needs of individuals, is viewed as sheltered and furthermore offers credits at lower loan costs than moneylenders.               


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