Atif Sardar Khan,Farid Ullah Khan,Muhammad Masood Ahmad,Sadaf Sardar,




Antenna,genetic algorithms,optimization,simulations,ultra-wideband,


In this research, a unique textile antenna is reported for ultra-wideband applications. The material used for the ground and patch of an antenna is conductive woven zelt and the substrate of the antenna is made of cotton (Tan δ = 0.02, εr = 1.54). The suggested antenna is made of a circular patch of a miniature size i.e. 20 mm × 16.922 mm × 2 mm. The zelt is 0.03 mm thick, bearing electrical conductivity up to 0.01 Ω/m. The antenna bandwidth and gain are optimized by using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition with differential evolution (MOEA/D-DE). The gain and bandwidth are improved to 4.9 dBi and 2.8 GHz to 15 GHz, respectively. The suggested antenna can be used for Wifi, GPS, and ultra-wideband operations.


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