A distinct approach to diagnose dengue fever with the help of soft set theory


Fariha Iftikhar,Faiza Ghulam Nabi,




dengue fever,soft set theory,fuzzy set theory,intelligent systems,


Intelligent systems based on mathematical theories have proved to be efficient in diagnosing various diseases. In this paper we used an expert system based on “soft set theory” and “fuzzy set theory” named as soft expert system to diagnose tropical disease dengue. This study discuss the role of “Soft set theory” as system which worked on the basis of knowledge in medical field. Study used “soft expert system” to predict the risk level or chances of a patient causing dengue fever by using input variables like age, TLC, SGOT, platelets count and blood pressure. The proposed method explicitly demonstrates the exact percentage of the risk level of dengue fever automatically circumventing for all possible (medical) imprecisions.


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